The Rocket League Items scheduled to take off in November from

The Rocket League Items scheduled to take off in November from


Psyonix promised there would be news for Rocket League at The Game Awards and they followed through on that. The team has introduced the "ultimate modern sports car" to the game in the form of the "McLaren 570S Car Pack".

The new DLC turns the McLaren 570S Coup?into a battle car as well as including a Flag and two new Player Banners. Unfortunately, players won't be able to customise the car with other Wheels, Toppers and Antennas other than those that are included in the DLC pack itself. You can take a look at the car in all of its glory in the trailer below.

New Zealanders love "Flight of the Conchords." The American TV series follows the adventures of a New Zealand folk band of the same name.As a New Zealander, Peter Beck is also a big fan of the show. That's why the head of Rocket Lab made the decision to use the slogan "It's Business Time," the name of a song featured on the TV comedy, for the first commercial launch of the Electron rocket developed by his company. The song is about a married couple staying in for the night to have sex. The lyrics aren't entirely romantic, but it is a pretty funny song. (You can find a live version of it here.)

The Rocket League Items  scheduled to take off in November from the company's own launch site, which is also located in New Zealand. The Electron rocket has already flown twice in test launches from the site -- the first time in May 2017, with a few problems, and again in January of this year. The company uses the rockets to transport small satellites weighing up to 225 kilograms (496 pounds) into space at rock-bottom prices.

The company charges $5 million per launch. By comparison, the considerably larger Falcon 9 from SpaceX, the current low-cost provider in the space industry, charges $65 million.