RS3 changed its design philosophy and then proceeded ignored it

RS3 changed its design philosophy and then proceeded ignored it


To also keep in with graphic designs I have not even mentioned everybody utilizing cash store skins that are all completely out of RS gold place and uninspired. I played other MMOs who needed an eye on MTX money store outfits (primarily guild wars 2) and in the very least of those outfits actually looked like they belonged in RuneScape match in some way shape or form. RS3 changed its design philosophy and then proceeded ignored it. On the scale of everything these are all tiny issues, but it just made me stop playing, if they stack on top of eachother. There was just too much immunity as it came to figuring out that reveals a degree of unprofessionalism when it comes to design and the way to do easy things.

This isn't to shit on RS3. There is a good deal of QoL changes I found to be quite nice like the toolbelt, currency pouch, as well as also the complete required rework to mining and smithing (that's frankly necessary in OSRS) just as a few examples. I just wouldn't state that the MTX is the only poor thing about RS3, once I feel it's motor, graphic and UI problems as well as (in my view only with this ) an abysmal art fashion in which the MTX outfits don't even match that design philosophy.

RS3 mentality is preferred by me. Stopped playing both games a while back but I prefer mature the RS3 content is and how unrestricted their development is. Yes some things are bad like MTX, however, the updates aren't held back by people who dislike a specific item/area/skill added. Personally I believe because nostalgia is residing off OSRS will die quicker than RS3. Not allowing updates as a YouTuber/streamer has a notion and his community will immediately side with him is a recipe for disaster. Pun intended.

Controversial but I overlook. I have confidence at the OS devs to come up. I miss the anticipation of"whats ". For dungeoneering, Bear in mind the mysterious power? The hype for that was immense. I really feel like player stubborness and voting holds back a great deal of content and innovation. Not to mention, this induces fear for producing anything 14, for the devs. I attempted RS3 back into the day, however, the biggest problem have lender place holders.

Well they finally added that in recently, so I decided to come back to try it out again. First, I received my buddy to play Runescape with me by doing a fake-group-iron-man (since group ironman isnt implemented yet, we just made the principles ), with the objective of beating Dragon Slayer at OSRS. The idea being that game for OSRS is fun because the grind isnt passing, and beating Dragon Slayer is a F2P goal requiring us to do the quests. We got to about combat degree 12 and had a couple of degrees in cheap RuneScape gold some other skills when she wished to quit...